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Packaging business printing, perfect quality assurance

3 advantages of printing! Do you want to enter?

  • One Quality assurance

    Full set of Heidelberg printing equipment one-stop after-sales service, 5000 professional users trust

  • Two Rapid production

    24 hours standardization, streamlined production management, streamlined and efficient shipping process, shipment on urgent delivery day.

  • Three Affordable

    The factory directly faces the customers and eliminates the middleman cost, which is always lower than the average price of the peers.

Focus on packaging printing for 25 years
Twenty-five years of professional packaging printing manufacturers, has a good market visibility and influence, more than 5000 loyal partners continue to cooperate.
Professional R & D design, keep up with the trend.
The professional design team, the quality of the picture is fresh, the color is bright, the quality, the high quality innovation is our unremitting pursue. In order to adapt to the market situation, we design the style to update quickly.
Products are protected by product safety through strict safety testing.
Quality is the foundation of our existence. We have layers of checks from material selection and every production process to ensure that the products meet the national standards and let you have no worries.
Quality service team, timely and efficient service
We have perfect after-sale service, anxious customers, urgent problems, no prevarication, timely solutions to problems, and good reputation in the industry.
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A complete set of Haide printing equipment production

Shanghai Rong Li printing factory

Our Shanghai printing company has 25 years of professional printing experience. 5000+ customers continue to cooperate in the printing industry famous enterprises, one of Shanghai printing companies, design printing price concessions, sample album printing, brochures, notebook printing, magazines, The Shanghai printing factory was established in 1994. It is located in the beautiful city of "national civilized city" and "national excellent tourist city", and is adjacent to the "national scenic spot" - Shanghai the Bund, Shanghai. The existing plant area is more than 5000 square meters, with more than 300 employees, including more than 60 management and engineering personnel. Rong...

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